SalomeSexxy نساء - 28 سنة
الاسم العائلي SalomeSexxy
فئة نساء
العمر ٢٨ سنة
لون الشعر أسود
طول الشعر قصير
لون العينين سوداء
الطول ١٧٠ cm - ٦٧ in
الوزن ٦٥ kg - ١٤٣ lbs
قياسات ٦٤-١٠١-٩٥ cm - ٢٥-٤٠-٣٧ in
التفضيل الجنسي bisexual
الجنس امرأة
مظهر الجنس مشعرة
نوع الجسم رياضية
يثيرني I am turned on by men with strong hands who can massage my body with oil, so that they spank me hard
لايثيرني I do not like men who are not chivalrous who are macho, who is not stingy is an important factor
الوضعية المفضلة I like to be dominated so as a doggy it seems very tasty to me, or missionary
العرق والأصل لاتيني
اللغة أو اللغات المحكية  فرنسي,  إنكليزي,  اسباني
الاستيهامات الجنسية In my show it is this kind of pleasure combined with desire and sin. I'm not that kind of pretty woman who will smile at you and blow you off, I'm more like that woman who will blow your brains out and blow your pants off at the same time

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.I am a tender, friendly, sociable, risky, authentic and always open to learn new things. I love to meet people, laughing; a good conversation and to make men look me in the eyes. I want to enjoy different experiences and fulfill my dreams. It will be a great pleasure for me to meke all your fantasies come true. Flirtatious and funny, is a woman who loves to smile and to know everything about her wanting you here. Finding fans and admirers to make feel like a real Queen, treats them to the fantasy pleasure they deserve. Enjoy her photos, videos, and live sex cam shows. Her private XXX shows are filled with passionate energy. is the angel of your dreams and is into roleplay, vibrator fun, live orgasm, dancing, and more. loves showing off her cameltoe and has a number of fetishes as well. If you have a foot fetish, are into double penetration, or are all about pleasure, loves sharing each of these things. has an hourglass figure, huge tits, a huge ass, a thin build,"

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تخريم و بيرسينغ, سكرتيرة, Buttplug أداة, نافورة, Student

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أوقات الحضور هذه تدلك على إمكانية الأمل بلقاء SalomeSexxy على الخط مباشرة على موقع La voix du X. تم حساب إحصائيات الحضور أتوماتيكياً على مدة 45 يوم الأخيرة وبالاعتماد على أوقات تشغيل كاميرا الويب الفعلية لـ SalomeSexxy.
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نساء / أسود , نساء / بزاز كبيرة , نساء / مشعرة , نساء / رياضية , نساء / لاتيني , لاتيني / بزاز كبيرة

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